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When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see a skeleton.
A figure where only flesh is left on her bones.
She sees a number; her weight
She sees her thighs; too big
She sees her face; nose too long
She sees her arms; too much flab
She sees her butt; too small
She sees her boobs; not big enough
She sees her stomach; not flat
She sees herself; not pretty
She doesn’t see what she has become,
She only sees what she was told to see.
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Mature content
Two Voices In The Same Person :iconcheshirecat612:CheshireCat612 0 0
Deidara by CheshireCat612 Deidara :iconcheshirecat612:CheshireCat612 1 0 The Hanging Tree by CheshireCat612 The Hanging Tree :iconcheshirecat612:CheshireCat612 1 0 Cheshire by CheshireCat612 Cheshire :iconcheshirecat612:CheshireCat612 0 0
A Cat's Smile: Chapter 3 - The Thing You Love Most
Katrina’s POV:
I pry my eyes open as I force myself out of another nightmare. This has been becoming routine since about two weeks ago and I’ve adjusted and gotten used to it by now. Staring for a moment at the sun which is just now rising outside my window, I take a deep breath and sit up. Stretching my arms over my head I can hear the popping of my back, and the stretching also happens to pull up my make-a-wish pajama shirt revealing a glimpse of the tattoo on my right side. Dropping my arms down and pulling up the hem of the tank top, I brace myself and look over at my left side, slightly choking on air when I see the all too familiar black maze that was once a network of healthy blood veins. Rubbing my face, I get up and strip, jumping in the shower which is in the bathroom connected to my room. I scrub my hair and body with my usual vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner and coconut scented body wash, respectively. I check the time only to see that I’m running l
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A Cat's Smile: Chapter 2 - Pilot
Katrina’s POV:
Heading home from searching the forest, I start to think about Neverland. The trees and nature here are nothing compared to the forests there. I can still remember the parties that would take place in the dead of night. Dancing around the fire, Peter’s pipes in the background, all while everything else is a complete blur. The stars would shine brightly above us with the only light from the fire and the moon to illuminate the area. My mind then slips from the memory as I remember why I was even in the forest. Henry had gone missing yesterday after school, and I haven’t slept since Regina called me saying that he never came home from school. However, Graham said he had to be missing 24 hours first, because he could have been playing in the forest or down by the beach. Yeah right, I would have found him by now. Shaking my head, I As I neared the non-working clock tower I heard,
“Why doesn’t everyone just leave?”
“They can’t, i
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A Cat's Smile: Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Once Upon A Time
There was an enchanted forest filled with
all the classic characters we know.
Or think we know.
One day they found themselves
trapped in a place where all their
happy endings were stolen.
Our World.
This is how it happened…
A prince with a red cloak, dark brown hair, and scruff on his face rode fast down a long land bridge. His grey speckled horse galloped, as the Prince Charming pushed the horse’s limits. A trail of blue wisps followed a young pale girl with dark blue hair that faded into a sea green, as she constantly disappeared for a few seconds before appearing a few yards ahead. When they finally reached the edge of the forest, they continued on and pushed themselves harder.
Branches snapped under the horse’s hooves and the girl, Cheshire, now had cuts anywhere that her mask and hood didn’t cover. The prince only urged his horse to go faster as they stormed through the magical forest. It soon started snowing, just as they came into the vie
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Student Handbook
Welcome to Kemonomimi Academy. You were either found on your own or sent here by parents. Here you can go to school for the next four years and get the education you deserve. As you all know, kemonomimi are not accepted very well in human society. This is the first school that was built to educate kemonomimi and help them enter the human world. Get good grades and great, welcome to civilization! Get bad grades and then be deemed not compatible with society and sent to the Badlands, a lonely place of misery. Do your best! Remember that rules can always change.
It is said that kemonomimi are human souls that combined with animal souls during the process of reincarnation. Humans have never understood kemonomimi and feared them for being different. Some kemonomimi can even change into an animal form. Thus war eventually happened which created the Badlands. Time has changed and the newer generation of humans are more accepting. A handful of kemonomimi had been accepted in
:iconkemonomimi-academy:Kemonomimi-Academy 1 0
There are three sets of rules. Out of character rules, in character school rules, and application rules. In character school rules can be broken but expect consequences if caught. Never break out of character rules and follow application rules please.
|Out Of Character Rules|
Follow these rules if you don't want to get kicked out.
1. Do not be rude to others and start fights. Respect is very important. If you are being harassed note us right away.
2. Please read everything we ask you to before asking questions.
3. Note us if you want to leave or need to take a break because of life. This is very important otherwise your character will get kicked out of school.
4. You must attend at least one class a month unless given a good reason not to.
5. Class rps will be PG-13
|In Character School Rules|
These are the rules for the school. You can break them but expect punishment.
1. No suggestive clothing
2. No harassing other students or teachers
3. No running in the halls
4. No d
:iconkemonomimi-academy:Kemonomimi-Academy 4 30
Male!Snow White/Reader - Killing Innocence
Male♂Snow White/Reader - Killing Innocence 

(Snow White - His name stays the same in this one but I'm calling him Snow most of the time.) 
(All other genders remain the same.)

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" The Queen had asked the magical mirror she owned. The mirror would always respond to her and tell her she was the fairest one of all but that day was different. 
"Famed is thy beauty, Majesty. But hold, a lovely servant I see. Rags cannot hide his gentle grace. Alas, he is more fair than thee." the mirrored told her.
With a jealous rage she glowered at the mirror in disbelief, "Impossible! I am the fairest one of all! Reveal his name!" The Queen wickedly commanded the magic mirror in front of her. 
"A voice like velvet, hair as black as ebony, skin white as snow-" The Queen's eyes widen and
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 494 66
(Spock x Reader) Sick
"Captain, where is commander _____?" Spock asked as he exited the turbo lift, onto the bridge. You were not at your usual station, and he had not seen you yet today.
"Commander _____ has called out sick today, Spock."
"Sick? With what?"
"Umm, I think it was strep or something." Kirk said slightly distracted. Spock was silent for a moment, thinking of all the things he knew about the human illness. "Has Dr. McCoy seen to her yet?"
"Yes, McCoy has looked in on her. He has given her some antibiotics and said that now she just needs rest."
"So no one is there caring for her?"
"No,  _____ said that 'She's a big girl, and that she can take care of  herself'."
Spock paused another moment, considering what the captain had told him. Then he turned on his heel and headed back towards the turbo lift.
"Spock, where are you going?"
"I'm taking the day off, Captain."
"Well wait, you can't just-"
The door of the lift closed.
*knock knock*
"Who's there?"
"Commander, I heard that you are not
:iconnikkaliah:Nikkaliah 422 189
Pavel Chekov x Reader Christmas oneshots
 Your friends had called you beforehand to meet up in the Rec room on Christmas Day as the Captain called it off. It could just be a habit of strict routine from life on the Enterprise but you were on this ship long enough to know the youngest crew member's forgetfulness.
Pavel Andreievich Chekov worked alongside Sulu and Kirk; proving to probably be the most intelligent 17 year old in the history of Star Fleet.
His pastimes included listening to 21st century music, playing poker and talking (ALOT) to Sulu. He was also friends with you, Bones, Scotty and occasionally Spock caught a conversation with him or two.
"Can you believe the Keptin let us take a break today? Yesterday he vouldn't quit bugging me," said Chekov.
"Well yeah, it is a holiday today. How do you wanna spend it, Pasha?" you replied. 
"In Russia vould be nice. But is too cold to enjoy, you must stay inside or ze blizzard will take you," he laughed. How he was always so cheerful seemed to escape you.
"Let's call
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TTB - Page 54 Chap2 by WhiteFoxCub TTB - Page 54 Chap2 :iconwhitefoxcub:WhiteFoxCub 134 23
Idjits - SPN x Winchester!Reader
Based on Bobby's final memory in 7x10 - Death's Door, so be weary of spoilers if you haven't seen it yet!
“Alright, scoot jerk face, show your elders some respect.” Dean said as he sat down beside Sam and switched on the television.
“You scoot, asshat!” Sam replied and tossed popcorn at his brother. You climbed up on onto the sofa behind your brothers and sank comfortably in the space they left for you.
“Did you make yourself a separate batch of popcorn?” Sam wondered as he noticed the bowl in your lap. You shoved a handful of popcorn in your mouth and nodded.
“Why?” Dean asked as he leaned over to grab the plastic bag filled with snacks. You swallowed the popcorn and raised an eyebrow at your oldest brother,
“Halfway through the movie, you use the popcorn bowl as an empty beer bottle holder. I hate it when the popcorn smells like beer.” You complained childishly.
“(Y/n), beer is life.” Dean chuckled as Bob
:icontheladyofmanyfandoms:TheLadyOfManyFandoms 63 18
Soft (Makoto X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    A startling sensation of apprehension crawled up your spine at an alarmingly rapid pace, threatening to cause your heart to pulsate right out of your thundering rib cage as your steady breaths turned into ones of capricious flow. It was unusual how out of nowhere you began accumulating this abundant amount of stress and anxiety, over what exactly you weren't too sure, yet you knew it left your mind in a frenzy and stomach in twists. Grasping the silky sheets of the bed in your fists, you attempted to steady yourself by focusing on the durable sighs of your slumbering lover, trying to match your rate of breaths with his. You longed so desperately to wake him and ask to console you in your time of need, but you knew he had hardships of his own and needed those precious hours of sleep to manage throughout the day. Yet even with your stiff and rigid position on the mattress as you tried not to wake
:icongreystream:Greystream 237 84
Ask - Question #57 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #57 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 1,450 440
Indulge Me (Human!CheshirexReader) Part 2/End
~Author's Note: I'm fancy. I wrote the end half of this at a French Bakery at one in the morning.~
~Warning: it does get a little heated in this part. Have fun!!~

"What game do you have in mind?" you ask the Cheshire Cat who's lying on the branch, extensive tail waving to and fro.
Humming, he pushes himself up and crawls along the tree. His broad shoulders and hips rotate with each sinuous advance. "A simple game of hide and seek," he says.
Your brows furrow. “That doesn't seem very fair.”
“Oh,” he drones sarcastically, “You don't trust me to not disappear?” As he speaks, he evaporates into the florae and appears on a low branch directly beside you with his arms wrapped around your waist. Flinching, you stare into his cynic teal eyes that are nearly filled with the enlarged irises. 
“Don't worry, my dear. I may be mad, but I could never deceive such a lovely girl as yourself.” He runs a claw up the length of your
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 404 79
Assassin Creed Chronicals Leonardo x reader
-Mr.Da Vinci! - You poked the sleeping man, but he doesn’t wake up. Instead he turned his back towards you and continued his peaceful slumber. You signed, crossing your arms. It sure was mission impossible to wake Leonardo from his naps. You looked around the room, your eyes stopping on the buckets with paint as you come up with a brilliant idea-brilliant from your point of view anyway. You pick up one of the paintbrushes and dunk it in the black paint. Careful not to wake your mentor you kneeled next to the bed, running the tip of the brush above his upper lip. You repeated this movement the other way as well then expects your work. You place your hand on your mouth to muffle a laugher. Leonardo was looking ridiculous, but you continued to draw his face. Suddenly he shifted, his eyes slowly opening.
- (Your Name)? - He muttered your name, then his eyes fall on the brush in your hand. He touched his face. Traces of paint left on the tips of his fingers. You slowly stood up, backi
:iconvelvetblaid:velvetblaid 85 12
Here Comes The Bride - Castiel
---Your P.O.V.-----
I see a brown head of hair sitting there, my mother pushes me over and sits me down being as pushy as ever not that its anything new for me, I see the face of the man and gulp, he was way older then me, but as long as my parents married me off they were fine, I got kicked out of my school for being a 'bad girl' but really I just wanted fun, my parents said it would be easier for me to get married and have him carry on the family name and me be the silent wife.
My father smiles at me a fake one. "This is are daughter [Y/n]". He says faking happiness, I sigh and fake smile as I was taught from the day I could walk, the man smiles. "I'm Castiel". He says. 'Castiel...never heard that name before'. I think and look down at my wrist where my grandmothers bracelet, it had an angel wing, a feather, a heart and a [Birthstone]
Me and my grandmother shared the same birthday, I started being 'bad' when she died. I hear my name
:iconcrazy-fangirl27:Crazy-FanGirl27 126 13
Punk!Peter Pan x Reader - Mine
"No fuck you I'm not growing up". I yell and slam my bedroom door closed and whip my [Dyed Color] hair over my shoulder, I stomp to my bed and lay down making sure to flop onto it just like my mother hates with a passion. "Stop doing that you're going to break you're bed!!". She yells from the hallway.
"Fuck you the only thing I'll be breaking is you're face!". I yell back and she slams a door closed which I was guessing was her own bedroom door. I sigh and close my eyes falling into a sleep as soon as my lids were half way closed.
I could feel my hair moving as someone breathed on my face. "Hey". The person whispers, I groan. "Go away I'm not going to school mum". I groan out. "Geez do I sound like you're mom to you". A boys voice says a bit angrily. "Maybe". I say smirking. "Oh fuck you". He mutters and I feel him pin my wrists out.
I open my eyes and lock eyes with a ginger boy with pink hair dyed mixed into his locks, his green eyes bore into my (Eye Color) he was over top of me
:iconxreader2001:xreader2001 534 31
Quicksilver x Reader ~ Nice chat
// You & Pietro, no swearing, sorry for mistakes (would be grateful if you corrected me)
thank you for visiting, enjoy (:  //

The dark clouds moved slowly covering the stars as the mild wind rubbed your skin. You were watching the night cityscape from the roof of the Avengers’ Tower, slowly sipping your drink. It was Natasha’s will for you to come to the party Tony was doing again, as he always did. The thing was you weren’t really keen on partying at all. You preferred your job at S.H.I.E.L.D. as an usual Fury’s agent. You felt more confident in your combat outfit than in long (fave/color) dress without sleeves. You sighed and took a look at your mobile. You had plenty of time yet until they’d call for a meal. You were supposed to sit next to Nat, so she would discover you’re out and get mad at you for leaving her.
“Agent (your/surname), what brought you here?” you heard suddenly despite not noticing any steps before. You
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 126 45
Beta (Isaac x Reader) teen wolf fanfiction 3/6
Part 3/6
You slammed your shoulder into Erica's stomach, sending her staggering back. At the same time you lashed out with your foot and heard Boyd's knee crack from the impact. Erica raked a claw down your face, but you got a grip on her wrist, snapping it. She screamed, and you spun around, but not quickly enough.
Boyd grabbed you from behind, wrapping his arms around your torso, pinning your arms to your sides. He started to squeeze, and you screamed as your ribs started to crack. He lowered his head, preparing to rip out your throat, but you snapped your head back, slamming the back of your skull into his face.
He dropped you with a howl, stumbling back. You grabbed his arm and threw him into Erica, sending the two of them flying across the room. They fell in a heap, a tangle of limbs and teeth. Erica's head was bleeding and her wrist was bent at an awkward angle, and Boyd's face was a mess of blood, but they struggled to their feet as you approached.
"Well done." Derek called from
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 47 3
First Love's Fire
First Love's Fire</i>
Warren was bent over a book, as usual, his dark, red-streaked hair falling over his equally dark eyes. Students milled around him, oblivious, as usual, to his presence. Normal people, smart people, trusted their intuition and stayed away from him. Snow fell in tiny little wisps that looked more like the ends of Q-Tips rather than snowflakes outside. A rumor had been flying around that day about a new student. He hadn’t heard her name, but he knew she was an Aeropath, one who controls the wind. He tried not to get his hopes up.
Will came by, sitting next to him; “You’ve heard of the new girl, right?”
“Should I have?” Warren asked in his normal, aloof, stand-offish manner.
“Well,” Layla said, a knowing look in her eye. “She’s very pretty. And her voice is like... I don’t know, but she can sing like an angel.”
Warren’s eyes flickered up toward’s Layla’s momentarily. The young
:iconddrfreak-2008:ddrfreak-2008 26 5



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When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see a skeleton.
A figure where only flesh is left on her bones.

She sees a number; her weight
She sees her thighs; too big
She sees her face; nose too long
She sees her arms; too much flab
She sees her butt; too small
She sees her boobs; not big enough
She sees her stomach; not flat
She sees herself; not pretty

She doesn’t see what she has become,
She only sees what she was told to see.
Mirrors are finicky things...

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Goddamn it.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You couldn't keep it together,
This is why you'll never be able to keep a significant other.
You're pathetic and weak,
As worthless as a bucket with a leak.
You pry into their lives,
And then cover your trail with lies.
You push them to speak,
Then apologize and make them feel guilty.
Stop the innocent act,
They don't believe it anymore.
Because they know that it's a trait you lack.
You is me.
I am me.
I am nothing but an attention whore who doesn't know her limits.
I am a ball of anxiety that does nothing but worry about what others think if me or what others might do to me.
I'm a mess and you deserve do much better than what I can give.
Two Voices In The Same Person
Just something I wrote a while ago.


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